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by Shakti Mhi
When you look at people around, rarely do you see human beings in stillness. People are endlessly in motion and this endless motion seems to gain speed every year. We cannot be still. We are on the (read more)

New Study Shows Yoga Can Ease Back Pain
by Jessica Cox
If you are practicing yoga, you may not know what you are missing in terms of back pain, stress and anxiety. However thousands of Americans suffer from back pain every day. If you happen to know one (read more)

Your Highest Potential with Yoga
By Jen Blackert
Are you living your divine potential? I mean that person inside of you? Are you fully expressing your inner being? No? Why do you think that is? Is it some other event (read more)

Yoga eases the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome

A simple yoga program -- no drugs, no expensive equipment and no surgery -- was better than conventional treatment at reducing pain and improving the hand strength of patients with Carpal Tunnel (read more)

Of Yoga and Sharks
by Rob Stewart
My name is Rob Stewart. I’ve recently completed a feature film entitled Sharkwater, a documentary about man’s relationship with sharks that was filmed in 15 countries over a period of 4 years. It is (read more)

Calm Comes Full Circle: Using Meditation to Enhance Yoga
by Laurie Desjardins
Meditation and yoga are natural compliments to each other. Yoga is an active, physical way to prepare the mind for meditation. Meditation relaxes the mind and body, preparing them for the physical (read more)

Reflections on the Recent Holiday
by Burton Ritchie
In a time when our nation is celebrating freedom from oppression, I am compelled to think about the ways in which I remain imprisoned as an individual. Just as the seeds of the Revolutionary War were (read more)

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